Schon Haus also known as the former Rock Paper was found and built by the lead stylist, Yvonne Flores, who has a disarming charm and effortless style that has helped her quickly, become one of the most loved and sought after stylists in Western New York.  Yvonne’s style has evolved over the course of the years to be a simpler version of her style and concept. When the opportunity arose to change the name, it was almost perfect timing as she felt the need for a fresh face. You feel it from the moment you walk in the door, as you're transported from this rural community lining the Erie Canal into the clean, simple, urban oasis that Yvonne has created within the walls of now called.... Schon Haus. The taste is elegant refined and simple. Just as you will feel after leaving her chair. Schon is a German Surname for handsome/beautiful. As you will feel in the haus, once stepping in and also stepping out. See for yourself....

When you arrive at Schon Haus you will instantly know that this is not your typical salon experience. The decor, the music playing and even the candles burning have all been carefully selected to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere. You will feel more like a guest in Yvonne's home than a client in a busy salon! At Schon Haus there is no such thing as business as usual. Before Yvonne even touches your hair she will get to know you and how you want your new look to make you feel. Once you're both completely comfortable with the goals and plan for your hair, she will start to work her magic. Yvonne's ability to understand the unique personality of each person's hair and the way it lays is an amazing rarity in the industry, and almost impossible to find anywhere else in Western NY. She cuts by feeling rather than following a formula, and as a result creates a style that suits your individual parting and natural texture. By embracing and working with your specific hair type, Yvonne not only makes low maintenance possible, she makes it incredibly fresh and forward. Yvonne believes that you should absolutely love your hair, and it is her personal mission to make this a reality for each and every one of her clients! 

Consider Schon Haus a form of style for your hair. Yvonne only invites other stylists into this space that have a creative mind with customer service that is head and shoulder over the rest. Yvonne welcomed stylist Baillie Oberther in May of 2016. She also welcomed Richard Sarrero in December of 2017. While Yvonne is the visionary of the salon and store, Schon Haus wouldn't be possible without the support of her family. Her daughters, Grace and Mary, share many of her passions and interests. Grace is a budding photographer and writer, while Mary is the family musician and chef. They each play an important role testing and curating the products, services, and experience you'll enjoy at Schon Haus.


S C H Ö N  H A U S  


510 Main St. Medina, NY 14103

Tel. 716.553.0900
E.  yvonne.schon.haus@gmail.com


Everyone has good hair they just don't know it yet. Every appointment deserves attention as if it was your first. We never assume. We are never on auto pilot. We listen and create to help you love your hair each and every time you visit. We are here to guide you to a positive hair vibe.

H A U S 

We pack our store with only items we would use ourselves. Great hair products, amazing candles, and the occasional item we insanely love. We may have a wide range of items in our store section; our lifestyle reflects each one of them.